On the way, Enjay

I made some progress on Enjay’s trophy today.


I had a really good time at the Yarn Barn today. I rode my bike down despite the gloomy weather, and I was very glad I did. I got sweaty and grimy from puddles left by the early morning rains. Occasional scents in the air reminded me of California and Vermont. It’s impossible to explain, but you know how memories associated with smells are. Very powerful triggers.

So I did a couple rows of brick stitch on the kufi, then realized I’d completely screwed it up and ripped back to the garter stitch beginning and re-did it. Isn’t that always the way?

The one thing that I did not do today that I should have was play some scales on my violin. My fingers know the placements for my old violin, which are utterly out of tune on The Old Fellow. I need to retrain my fingers, and the only way to do that is scales. Lots of scales. G Major for everyone!

I also made progress on the application I’m working on for my dad. It’s going to be very cool when I deliver it. It should reduce the time it takes them to prepare forms by about nine-tenths.

While I was riding around downtown, I also noticed that Spring is starting to get to me. As in, I almost rode into the backs of stopped cars several times because I was scoping out the lovely ladies. I don’t normally have that problem when I’m riding. Must be the long Winter.

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