I think I detect a theme…

Last night’s dreams included a fight scene between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Martin, with Jane Seymour looking on. Steve kicked Arnold’s ass with his inimitable fighting style as seen in The Jerk.

I think I’ve found the common thread to my dreams. Movie stars. I think the moral is that I need to watch fewer Hollywood movies. Then I’ll start having dreams more in line with my daily reality, and those might be more instructive. Maybe I can start taking a video camera with me on my daily routine and filming my friends. What do you think? Too creepy?

Right. Anyway, I’m going to practice some scales before I go to work, and I plan to take advantage of extended daylight to go for a ride when I get home again. Then, before I go to bed, I’m going to take out my mom’s long-neglected candle flame shawl and get back to work on it. It’s still in panty form right now. I’ve got a lot to do in two weeks if it’s going to be shawl material.

And Enjay, your trofi is going in the mail today! Wear it when you eat your next Moon Pie.

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