I’m getting worried

I have used almost half of the yarn I’ve got for this project already. This is not looking like it’s going to be a full-sized shawl to me.

candleflame progress.jpg

Fiddlesticks. I’ll keep at it though.

Is it just me, or does the curling of the needles in that picture make the whole thing very reminiscent of a uterus and ovaries?

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  1. staceyjoy Says:

    Panties. Rip it out, and up your needle size 2 or 4 numbers, especially for mohair.. Really nice work! I love that pattern.

  2. Eklectika Says:

    LOL — you’re right…well, you could dub it “The Fertility Shawl”

  3. Emma Says:

    Now that you mention it …

    I go with the block it as hard as you dare !

  4. Rachel Says:

    Definitely just block the hell out of it. Lace shawls that I have seen on other knitter blog sites seem to about double in size in the blocking process.

  5. Silvia Says:

    The shawl looks great, though I do believe you have to block lace something fierce. Have you tried pulling and yanking to see how it will look blocked? Unlike the male genitalia, I believe that this shawl will grow with the application of cold water.

  6. Kaetchen Says:

    Oh lord. Did you have to say that? Now I won’t be able to stop thinking of it as the reproductive shawl. Or Miranda’s lazy ovary shawl. Or lots of other descriptives that are *totally inappropriate* for a gift for Grammie!

    All that said, I think the piece is just beautiful. And it makes me very happy to see yarn we bought together against the blankie! (The festival where I bought the blankie is this weekend – I’m stoked.)

  7. michelle Says:

    So far, this project has resembled panties and the female reproductive system. Given that, are you sure that this will be an appropriate gift for your grandmother? Do you really want grandma wearing a panty/uterus shawl? That’s got psychological scarring written all over it.