Almost numb

Why, oh why, do I agree to take on freelance gigs?

Oh yeah. Money. Plus the fact that I love solving problems. The thing is that I tend to tackle problems with absolutely no concept of time budgeting.

Case in point: my dear friend Thomas, who recently kicked butt in his first triathlon, just got a new job as manager of a temporary staffing company’s office here in town. On his first day on the job, he found out that their computers were almost completely unusuable. They had virus infections, worm infections, and pretty crappy hardware.

Well, there wasn’t much I could do about the hardware on such short notice, but I agreed to go by after work yesterday and try to remove the nasty programs from their computers. Mind you, these were all Windows computers – not exactly my forté. I had to defragment their drives because they were all so damn slow. Then I had to try and run antivirus programs on them to clean the infections. Then I had to try and run Windows update to prevent the infections from recurring.

When all was said and done, I had spent six hours after work in their office, and by that point network problems were preventing me from completing my task. So I went home, downloaded all the files that I needed to complete the repairs to my laptop, burned a CD with the files on it, and went to bed.

Today I dropped two copies of the CD off at their office, showed them how to run it, and went to work. I understand that their systems are still slower than a lame dog in the summer sun, but they are at least working.

I need a hug.

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  1. Matt Roth Says:

    (but what you really deserve is a fat paycheck)

  2. Stacey Says:

    and cinnamon toast

  3. aarlene Says:

    I read your sweater epic. I’d been searching for a fun Aran type sweater for my dh. Your sweater inspired me. I ordered the book for the pattern and got it day before yesterday. I did the collar as the book suggested but I didn’t want to do the windblown/tossed cables on the shoulders and sleeves. I searched my meager library for a suitable substitute. No luck. I didn’t want to be held up by waiting to order some book that might have what I wanted. Suddenly it occurred to me to use your cable grapher. YAY!! I played with it until I got a graph that looked like I wanted and now I’m back on track with the first shoulder thingy. It’s just a big circle cable thing going down the sleeve but it polled some high numbers here at the house so I’m going with it. Hooray for the cable grapher.
    Thanks, CableMan!


  4. David Says:

    The Windows XP machine was fine. The two Win2K boxes, on the other hand, were using FAT32 and were fragged all to hell.

    NTFS is definitely the way to go. Well, ext3 is the way to go, but we’re talking about Windows boxen here. :-)

    Thanks, Cari. I needed that.

  5. Richard Y Says:

    These days, if a Windows system is running NTFS you don’t need to defrag it. Its like defragging EXT2/EXT3… you can do it, but it doesn’t really bring you any sort of performance improvement.

    If you’re running FAT16/FAT32 – defrag away! :)

  6. cari Says: