Chipping at the shell

I went out to a fundraiser for a local women’s center last night. It was the Bling-Bling Fling, a silent auction of local art. They also had DJs, a coupld of bands, and a buffet.

I met up with Thomas and Kelly there. Jane, my violin teacher, showed up as well. It was a very interesting mix of people. There were men in business suits, young women in leather corsets, and assorted hippies. It was great. The music was about 150dB too loud for the space we were in, but then most music events are too loud unless they’re acoustic. It’s like people feel like they’re not getting enough out of their amplifiers unless they have them cranked to the max.

Anyway, I bid on a small painting that caught my eye, but I didn’t end up winning it. There was a woman there who kept topping my bid, and we got into a war that took the bid from $25 to $60. Then some bastard named Paul topped both our bids at $75, which was too rich for either of us. If I find that guy, he’s toast.

While I was walking around I fell into a conversation with a lovely young woman named Meg. She was enchanting. She had great posture, good taste, a degree in internal medicine . . . and a boyfriend in Dallas. Damn those boyfriends in Dallas. Still, it felt really good just to get out and be social and meet people. I have a very hard time doing that.

I liked looking at the art, too. Not all of it was to my taste, but it was all good quality. And as I was looking at it, I had the realization that I can create stuff of that caliber. I spoke to one of the organizers and asked if they were going to do the auction again and she said yes, it was going to be an annual event. I showed her the candle flame shawl (yes, I had it with me in my map bag. I’m obsessive, so sue me) and she said they’d certainly take something like that for the next one.

So I’m going to put up a shawl for next year. And I’m not letting that Paul guy bid on it. So there.

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