Looking Forward

Just to jot a couple of quick notes to myself:

Main projects for the coming year:
colored candleflame shawl
aran pattern

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  1. Corinne Says:

    Okay, you got me interested in top down knitting. A bad thing since Homer, Alaska is a tiny town at the end of the road. So finally found Barbara Walkers book on the internet used for more than the cost new. Is there another book that you used to design a pattern for the top down aran?
    Anxiously awaiting my book. Knitting is so frustrating when you have to wait to start a project! Oh, I could finish another but….

  2. Aarlene Says:

    I believe one of the versions of that cable is already in the cable generator. It is when I click on it. The other version is just the mirror image of the first.
    If it’s not there you could play with the generator and make one of your own. The generator is really neat.
    Otherwise it’s in the Two Sticks… book along with the rest of the Aran sweater pattern.
    Sometimes it’s necessary to refresh the page to see a post.

  3. shirley gumbs Says:

    Dear Mr. Roth:

    I would like to know is it possible that I can please purchase the windswept cable pattern. I have been searching for a pattern quite similar to yours to no avail. Please let me know of the cost.

    Thank you,