Impromptu Holiday

I never plan my holidays very well. I know they’re coming up, but I just don’t sit down and figure out a plan for what I want to do until the last moment.

Case in point: it’s Memorial Day weekend. Months ago I had planned to drive out to Big Bend with some friends. Well, ‘planned’ in a very rudimentary sense; they mentioned they were going to do it and I said I’d come along.

Well, that didn’t work out, mostly because I never got back with them to actually plan the trip, so yesterday I found myself wondering what I was going to do for the weekend.

So, here’s the new five-minute plan: I attached a rack to my bicycle and loaded up my panniers. My stepfather is playing at the Kerrville Arts & Crafts fair this weekend, so I’m going to ride up there and see him and my brother’s family, who are in town from Connecticut this weekend. It’s about a 75 mile trip, which I think I can do if I take it slow and easy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 6:53 and I want to hit the road. I’ll post updates and/or an obituary on Tuesday.

Happy holiday to everyone who gets it.

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