A new (old) development platform

I love the Internet.

One of the things that has been a pain in my butt the past year is that whenever I want to work on the knit graph generator, I have to be plugged into a network so I can connect to the server that my blog lives on. Due to the convolutions of the OS X operating system, I’ve never been able to build the imaging library that the grapher uses on my laptop. Since I can produce any graphs on the laptop itself, that means I could only use it to work on the parser. And since I don’t have a version control system set up anywhere yet (bad programmer! bad programmer!), it would be a very big hassle to copy the files back and forth whenever I wanted to work on the laptop.

So to keep things simple, I just do all the development on the sweaterproject.org server.

Until today.

I happend to run across a website that deals with Plone, a Python-based content management system/site authoring system/everything-but-the-kitchen-sink system. Among the articles on the site were instructions on how to build the Python Imaging Library on OS X. Oh frabjous joy! Oh mimsy freaking borogroves! I can finally duplicate the whole knit grapher system on my lovely little iBook without having to have an Internet connection.

Ahh, life’s good. I’m going to take myself for a bike ride now and then pack up the laptop and head down to the yarn barn. I’ve missed most of the knitters by now, but I’m looking forward to the looks on the needlepointers’ and crocheters’ faces when I whip out the laptop instead of my needles. I figure knitting software development is just a valid an activity as actual knitting, right?

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  1. Matt Roth Says:


    sorry for the placing of this post – but I just wanted to know if you’d seen this sh!t…I hope Lance hires a hit team and kills everyone involved in this book.

  2. aarlene Says:

    I graphed the Saxon braid cable into the grapher cause it’s the one I have to keep looking up while I’m knitting. I’m nearly to the end of the flap sections, pre sleeves. We drove down to Lake Charles and then on down to the Gulf yesterday so lots of knitting time Yay!
    I’m unable to print the graph out tho…argh.
    The graph looks pretty darn cool anyway just less portable than I’d hoped. LOL
    to add to the grapher: printing for dummies & how about *xxxx,xxxxx* repeat * to * X times
    cool beans

  3. David Says:

    I think they were a little intimidated. But I was never able to get the cable grapher CGI program working under Apache, so that made the whole affair a little less grandiose. Also, I forgot to bring a power supply with me. My iBook’s only got about an hour and a half worth of battery life, so I didn’t get a whole lot of hacking done.

  4. cari Says:

    So how did the laptop go over at the yarn barn?