The owl’s back

I saw the owl in a dream again last night. This time it was circling overhead of a parking lot I was standing it. It was just at the edge of the illumination of the streetlights.

This dream also included a bit where I was standing with a group of people – my mother, my sister, and Thomas the triathlete included. We’d all just returned from some kind of trip and were standing on a hilltop near the highway. The weater was very dark and stormy, and someone spotted a funnel cloud forming about a half-mile away. It swept over the site of a Wal-Mart that was under construction and completely obliterated it. We all clapped. Then the tornado swept towards us. I dived into a culvert and covered my ears with my arms and hands, waiting for the sound of a freight train.

I woke up with my hear pounding, but more out of excitement than fear. It was a very strange feeling, because in the past, my dreams with tornados in them have scared the poop out of me. This time the tornado was portentious and awesome, but not menacing.

In knitting news, the candleflame shawl is coming along. I have not touched it since last Thursday, but here’s what it looks like at the moment. I am placing Koolah in the center to give you some perspective.


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  1. Kaetchen Says:

    Koola! I missed you, little one!

    Shawl looks beautiful, D – and it has lost all resemblance to female reproductive organs, which will probably make Granny happy!

    Email coming your way soon – crazy busy today. Smooch.