Updates to the cable grapher

I pushed some new changes out to the cable grapher last night. It can now graph non-rectangular patterns. It knows how to print a yarn over stitch. And you can click a checkbox to have it use symbolcraft-style graphics instead of the style that I originally programmed into it.

Those are the new features; now for the disclaimers.
With non-rectangular graphs, it only knows how to deal with triangular or diamond-shaped graphs. It doesn’t know how to render a graph that’s got dead cells inside it. By dead cells, I mean sections where if you were charting the pattern on graph paper, you’d black out a cell because the pattern had decreased, and so there is no corresponding stitch to be graphed. I’m not explaining this very clearly; I’ll try to find an example of what I mean and post it.

Also, the sybolcraft stuff is really only working for knit and purl stitches. But that should be enough to make a lot of graphs easier to read for people who prefer that style. I’m working on converting and adding more stitches.

I’m sure there are other limitations, but I can’t remember them at the moment or I have not found them yet. As always, please e-mail me or leave a comment if you find that the grapher’s not working correctly for you.

Still on my to do list:
add k2tog and other increases/decreases
fix the bug where the bottom of the graph is being cut off (graph something, you’ll see what I mean)
add a graphical legend

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  1. Aarlene Says:

    Howdy, great updates, look out lacey work. Here’s to shawl progress
    Since we can increase wouldn’t putting the graph instructions in from the narrow end work out? That’s what I’m thinking.
    t2f & t2b are working great now. I think they are my favorite I’m missing the honecomb stitch since I’m now on Sleeve #1
    Cool Beans