History is Happening

For those of you who have not heard, Spaceship One made a successful sub-orbital flight today.

Translation: a private group – not a government – sent a human being into space today.

Now, if we can just keep the Vogon Fleet at bay, we’ll be okay.

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  1. Aarlene Says:

    Wow that’s a bargain. Couldn’t be Haliburton..
    That Vogon link was a hoot.


  2. spoonix Says:

    Actually… a private – not a government – group sent a human into space… for less than $30 million.

    Just to put that in perspective, a brand spanking new 747 costs around $200 million. An F-15E fighter/bomber will cost you about $50 million. And the jackpot for the Texas State Lottery was $145 million last week.


  3. Kaetchen Says:

    Please include in my package: towels, peanuts and beer.

    Oh MY, that brings back some memories!