And they’re off

Well, the Tour is under way over in France. This is going to be a great race. For those of you who have just recently emerged from a five-year coma, Lance Armstrong is the defending champion and is trying to claim a sixth Tour victory.
Nobody’s ever done that. There is a handful of five-time winners, but nobody’s gotten six.
I’m kind of torn though. I would love Lance to be the first man to win six. But almost every one of his competitors is worthy of support too. Jan Ulrich won once, six years ago, but since then Lance has beaten him every time. But Ulrich’s never finished worse than second place. And he hasn’t quit.
Tyler Hamilton is becoming a legend for his ability to not only ride with severe injuries, but ride in such a way that he finishes in the top ten.
Roberto Heras was on Armstrong’s team until this year, and he helped Armstrong win by setting the pace in the mountains. It’s got to be hard to compete against someone that you had previously relied on to help you win.

Of course, the Tour is going to be more difficult for everyone this year because of some of the new rules. The Tour’s all about rules, written and unwritten. There is a minimum weight for bikes. Some modern equipment is prohibited. There are all sorts of drug controls and dietary restrictions. And there’s the recently announced policy by the Tour committee that in any crash that involves three or more riders, one rider must break a collarbone. If everyone manages to escape injury, the gendarmes will select a rider at random and do the needful with a police baton.
(Watch OLN and tell me if there is a single crash that doesn’t result in a broken collarbone.)

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  1. David Says:

    thanks! I’m very happy with the shawl, and my grandma is too.
    Looks like Lance is on track to make it six – but it’s still very early. Anything could happen, and Tyler Hamilton is only a few seconds off. The mountains will tell.

    My next projects include, in no particular order:
    more additions to the cable grapher
    plotting a new Aran sweater
    another kufi and a monster hat
    a slip-stitch hat
    no socks.

  2. Aarlene Says:


    Congratulations on finishing the shawl. It looked great on the grass.
    That soup looks scrumptious. Thank goodness you were able to disarm that tomato.
    Does it look good for Lance to win again? How much longer do you think he can compete? It’s amazing he’s gone this long. That race is quite the test.
    If he does win again do you think anyone will be able to beat that record?
    What are you working on next?