A quilted kufi

One thing I like about hats is that they knit up really fast and give you a little piece of knitting canvas upon which to try out new stitches. This is a quilted stitch that caught my eye. It would undoubtedly show up better on a light, solid-colored yarn, but I think the effect is still pretty good here.


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  1. David Says:

    It’s not a stump! It’s a very old head form that I got from my grandmother a few months ago. Stump, indeed.

    And the yarn I’m using is Classic Elite Flash. A real bargain – it’s about $3.50.

  2. Georgina Says:

    Nice hat, but what’s the story on the stump?

  3. Cari Says:

    Great hat. Is that Koigu? Maybe you can make some about the size of your thumbtip? Then Staceyjoy could put them on the teeny tiny chocolate covered shrunken heads of our enemies before she pops them into those plastic egg thingies.