Works in progress

I’ve been blogging more but saying less about knitting lately. Cari has been inspiring me with her tragicomic tale of the Chickami and other w.i.p., so here’s what I’ve got going on at the moment, in no particular order.

First, there’s the multicolored hat I’m making for Ann B. It’s done in two shades of read and one bright yellow Lamb’s Pride Worsted. It’s going to be a great hat, but it will not be cool enough to wear it in Texas for another four months, so there’s no hurry there. I’m completely making up the pattern as I go along, but I’m trying to stay somewhat true to the original from the Knit Hats! book.

Next, I’ve started on the Monk’s Bag from Folk Bags. It is done in Cotton Fleece, which is apparently really hard to get in certain colorways. I’ve got the Cavern and another color – what, Moss? – but the Candy Apple that’s used for the trim hasn’t come in yet, despite the fact that I ordered it about four months ago. I may try to find another yarn in the right color, or another color of Cotton Fleect to use to finish it up. The project starts by casting on 33 st. on a #4 and knitting for 74″. This is going to look like a ridiculously long, thin scarf for quite some time.

The next project is a knitting one, but not one which is knit. I’m going to add an aran panel generator to the knit grapher. The idea is you’ll input a guage and a chest measurement and a maximum number. The generator will then randomly put together cable patterns that fit the given measurements and present you with either as many as it could come up with or the maximum number, whichever is less. This is going to be a tedious bit of work because it will involve a small bit of fun programming and a buttload of tedious data entry, but it should make the knit grapher a little more interesting overall.

But there shall be no knitting tonight. No, because tonight I’m going up to Stubb’s in Austin to eat barbeque and listen to They Might Be Giants. So there.

No Responses to “Works in progress”

  1. Aarlene Says:

    That sounds like a fun night. Hope it was.
    The panel generator is a fabulous idea!
    You’ll have to type in zillions of stitches though won’t you?
    Can you keep track of the ones people have put in already? That would truly make it random.

  2. Stacey Says:

    I am so jealous! Sounds like an absolutely perfect evening of good food and happy music. I love TMBG.

  3. Kaetchen Says:

    So THIS is the color I turn when jealous!

    Dear Magic Eight Ball,

    Will David get his Candy Apple next week?

    “Signs point to YES”

  4. Sarah Says:

    Love love TMBG! Seen them many times, great times all!
    Enjoy! (and the BBQ of course)