A hardware geek I’m not

I spent last night at the Candlelight Café near downtown in the company of two lovely young ladies. They’re both beginning knitters whom I met at the Yarn Barn last weekend, and we decided to set up a mid-week knitting session. We knit and talked and ate a big fruit and cheese plate until about 9:30.

Then I came home to start assembling the components for a PC that I’m building my stepfather. I was very excited about this. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

First, the box that I thought contained the CPU actually contained the Airport Extreme base station that I ordered from Apple. Well, I’m happy to have the base station, but that mean the I can’t fire up the new PC yet. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just pop in the memory so it’s ready to go when I get the CPU.

When I opened the box with the memory, I found it contained not two 256M PC3200 DIMMs, but 4 256M PC-2 3200 DIMMs. For those of you who just skipped over that: the box contained not only the wrong memory, but twice the amount of extremely expensive wrong memory. I brought up my bank account online and sure enough, when the memory shipped I got dinged for about $315 when I was expecting it to cost me about $100. So, that’s got to go back.

Damn. I was really hoping to have this thing built by this weekend. Oh well, I guess it’s going to have to wait.

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