Something Fun. And icky.

The monk’s travel bag is coming along nicely. It’s still just the strap, but that’s going faster than I thought it would. But a yard of seed stitch is only marginally better than garter stitch, so I decided I needed something else to keep me interested. Something that was creative and let me practice a new technique.

I decided to start something that would let me practice some bobbles and embroidery. Something that was evocative of the burst of creativity I alluded to a while ago. It hit me when Michelle made a comment about knit items exploding out of my chest alien-style.

I’m making an alien chest-burster. Just wait, it’ll be cool.

No Responses to “Something Fun. And icky.”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    I’m picturing one pissed off Muppet crawling out of your chest. Or will it be something more like those Alien v. Predator trailers?

    Either way, RAWR!

  2. Cari Says:

    Yes, alien chest-burster. Great. Wonderful. But will he have abs like el papi chulo from yesterday’s post? 😉

    (Seriously though, I’m intrigued. Will said alien be felted? Visions of alien Muppets in my mind…)