Not quite what I had in mind

I finished the first version of the alien chest-burster last night. I say “first version” because it didn’t come out looking so much like an alien as a small sock with boobs. (I added a couple of bobbles to give the appearance of vestigial legs.) I’ll either have to undo the decreases and make it longer or just re-evaluate my design. Cari’s suggestion of felting it might not be a bad idea either.

In any case, this little project has helped me get into two new techniques that I’ve been meaning to explore: bobble making and embroidery. It’s been a long time since I really learned a new technique in knitting, so even if I don’t like my current FO, I consider this time well spent.

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  1. Cari Says:

    Don’t we get to see the sock with boobs?

    (Have your hits quadrupled since you posted Hot Texan Triathlete Dad? I know I, for one, find myself popping by for “just one more look” over and over again all day. Sigh. La Brainy and the Divine Ms Em said I wasn’t being greedy by asking for him for my birthday.)