VROOM Put put *ptui*

Real quick knitting update: I got a cable swatch cast on this weekend to try out the combinations I want for the new Aran. Looks like it might be a little too wide, but we’ll see. I also added a few more inches to the strap for the monk’s bag.

So I did the half century with Thomas on Sunday. We were trucking along pretty well for most of the ride, doing about 16-18 mph. But in the last ten miles we both just cratered. No more fuel inside.

I did not ride on Monday because my butt was so sore from Sunday’s ride. I decided to take it easy to avoid injury. Yesterday I went out at lunch and did 20 miles. I did the first half okay, but after about 11 miles my energy just fell through the floor. I felt like lead. I stopped at a fruit stand and got some lime and pineapple aguas frescas and wandered amongst the vegetable bins like a robot. I got back to work and cleaned up, but I felt horrible. I started to go hoarse for some reason. I felt like I’d suddenly got a cold.

I think the long ride on Sunday ramped up my metabolism enough that I should have reduced the amount of insulin I was taking. Well, I did reduce it, but not enough. There was a definite hypoglycemic component to the way I felt during and after the ride. I need to monitor my blood sugar more closely when I’m riding this much.

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  1. Cari Says:

    Yeah. What Emma said.

  2. Emma Says:

    Will you please take care of yourself.Good grief… :0)

  3. spoonix Says:

    There might be other factors at work, too.

    Personally, I write off late-July to early September because no matter what I do I always end up feeling like crap because of all the junk (mold and pollen) in the air. If you’re in the same boat, then you probably need to account for the fact that your immune system is running full gun right about now, even though you probably don’t notice it.

    You basically have to tell yourself “OK.. I’m working under the same physical limitations as if I was sick today, even though I feel fine.” Which means you gotta eat well, and you’re gonna get tired out quicker.

    Try it again in October/November and see how you do. :)