I think it was dehydration

I think the dismal experience I had on Tuesday was a combination of under-nourishment and dehydration. I just did the same ride, and I feel far better than I did on Tuesday. Granted, a thunderstorm swept through San Antonio last night, so Spoon’s theory that I was suffering from allergies is still very valid. But I’ve felt bad allergies before, and what I was feeling on Tuesday seemed different.

Today I ate a packet of Gu halfway through the ride and drank two bottles of water. I definitely needed the water – I had sweat pouring off my face the entire time. It felt like I was melting.

I rode comfortably today, not trying to push myself but not just rolling along either. I want to improve and ride more, but I need to work into it gradually so I don’t hurt myself. Hurting yourself bad.

Happy thought for the day: Remember, God wants you to sweat. That’s why you’re covered in sweat glands.

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