Real quick knitting content: worked a few more rows of the cable swatch for Son of Sweater Project (my second Aran) and a few more inches on the never-freaking-ending strap of the monk’s travel satchel. I’ll post a shot of the cable swatch once I’ve got a full repeat of each pattern done.

So, today’s bike ride. I met Thomas and our friend Steve this morning on the wind-blown shores of Boerne Town Lake to ride the course of the Tall Texan Triathlon, which Thomas is running next month. The full course is 56 miles through some fairly hilly parts of Texas. The route was full of twists and turns, which it turns out we really sucked at identifying.

The day was beautiful and scenic. From the tops of the hills we could see rainclouds sweeping over the terrain for miles in every direction. We rode for the most part in sunshine, but we did get treated to a couple of showers. By the end of the day, all of our socks were soaking wet.

Because of the rain, a few sections of the road had water running over them. In one of the first such sections we encountered, my wheels slipped out from under me and I landed splayed out on my left side – hard. I’ve got scrapes from my forearm to my knee this evening. That was no fun at all. My first thought on hitting the pavement was “oh please, tell me my bike is okay.” We were 14 miles from the interstate at that point, and walking back in bike shoes would have really sucked.

Luckily, my steed was fine and we continued on. My crash was followed by Thomas’ seat post slipping down, which required fixing. That was followed by Steve getting a flat tire, which we fixed under the protection of some trees as rain came down around us.

The flat tire was followed by many miles of uninterrupted riding through some very lovely countryside. A few too many miles, in fact. We found ourselves atop a hill which featured a state park with a scenic overlook of a cave inhabited during the summer months by bats that fly out each night. We had to climb a steep hill to get to that park. At the top, we were getting nervous that we had not found our turn-off, Zoeller road, yet. We asked a nice womany in the park about it, and she pointed back the way we’d come and said that it was a few miles thataway.

I began cursing right about then.

We rode back the way we’d come, and the nice lady from the park drove ahead and waited for us at the correct turn-off. (She was really nice and deserves good things.)

After a few other adventures which included chatting with some Harley riders and riding alongside a galloping calf, we finally got back to Boerne Town Lake. We’d gone a little over 60 miles and spent a lot more time than we had intended, but it was a great way to spend the day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pass out.

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  1. David Says:

    Well, I was resting mentally.
    But every day is a good day to sweat!

  2. Georgina Says:

    The weekends are for RESTING David!