Pilgrim’s Monk’s Progress

Draped over my balcony railing and secured by my faithful froggy, here’s the 99.99% completed strap for the monk’s travel satchel:
strap and froggy.jpg

When I get the candy apple yarn, I’ll do a couple rows on the end and that sucker will be done. I’ve started the side pockets, which are identical to the strap in construction only much, much shorter.

A word about froggy: I saw him in a bin of little beanbag critters at a gas station one day and fell in love with him. I have an eternal lust for cute things. And I figured he was the ideal totem for knitting. My rule is, there can only be one frog at the table. So I bust him out whenever I sit down to knit. If I’m about to make a mistake, he raises a foot and says “uh-uh!”*

* Don’t call my shrink to tell her that I’m hearing voices. She would not believe you, and besides, she’s got a restraining order against me.

No Responses to “Pilgrim’s Monk’s Progress”

  1. Emma Says:

    I like froggy.You’re crackers ! In the nicest possible way.


  2. Georgina Says:

    Cute froggy.