Country Critters

I made some more progress on the satchel this weekend. I’ve now got all the parts in the A colorway done (“Cavern” is the name of the coal-black yarn). This includes the strap and two side pockets. Each piece needs a couple rows of the infamous Candy Apple to finish it. Since I’m going to plow ahead and start with the main body of the bag next, I went ahead and put the side pockets on stitch holders. Here’s one of the pockets, being held firmly in place by my ever-watchful froggy.

froggy and pocket.jpg

Nothing escapes his amphibious clutches.

I was the only human out at the river this weekend. For company I had two burros, two very adorable dogs, and a new friend whom I call Fifi. She’s very timid, but it turns out that she’s got a real weakness for corn. I used a couple of handfuls to persuade her to let me get close enough to take this shot.


Isn’t she sweet?

No Responses to “Country Critters”

  1. David Says:

    Yup, Matt’s my brother. Matt, Fifi will not be on the menu.

  2. Cari Says:

    David, please inform Matt–who I assume is your black sheep brother or wayward cousin?–that my dogs are specially trained to take down deer hunters. Sure they’re small, but they’re going 35 mph when they hit you.

  3. Matt Roth Says:

    Sweet enough to make a couple of nice venison steaks and some sausage… :)