Ooh! Ooh!

This is so cool!

I just went to lunch with a bunch of guys from work. After we ate, we were sitting around the table chatting, waiting for the waiter to bring the cheque, and I pulled out the MTS. I’m working the front now, which is done in stockinette for the first foot. I had a knit row facing me, so I knit across while we talked about this and that.

When I got to the end of the row, I looked at the nice flat stitches and thought, “I don’t really like purling all the way across 77 stitches. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just . . . kind of go like . . .this . . .” As I looked at it, I put the left needle into the leftmost stitch and clumsily wrapped the yarn with my right hand. I struggled with it a little bit and then pulled it through.

I looked at it. The sequence was foreign, but I had clearly just put a knit stitch on the left hand needle. Then I saw that it was twisted. I tried it again, this time wrapping the yarn counter-clockwise around the needle, and pulling it through a little more gracefully this time.

Several minutes later, I’d worked all the way back across the work, still in stockinette stitch, without ever turning. I’ve become a bi-directional knitter! This is great. Now I can really confuse my mom. :-)

Just saw the new Knitty. I love the Hallowig.

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  1. Miriam Says:

    Oh! Neat! That would really help me on a number of things. Do you knit right or left? I hate long rows of WS purling; possibly because I knit left. Any suggestions on how to do your new technique?

  2. Katxena Says:

    I taught myself to do the same thing, for the exact same reason. I love it!