½ Ironman

So, last weekend, Thomas did his third triathlon. He’s done progressively
longer events each time, and this one was a ½ Ironman. The 1.2 mile
swim and the 56 mile bike ride I can understand, but the half marathon run at
the end would just obliterate me. Actually, a 5k run at the end would
obliterate me since my back does not work too well.

But Thomas proved equal to the tasks. He finished, and he did it within the
time limit. I’m very proud of him.

Here’s the finish line being erected early in the morning.
early view of the finish line.jpg

Right around the time I took this, he asked me why I hadn’t slapped him yet.
“Why do you guys let me do this???”
all smiles in the morning.jpg

The swim went off in two waves. Thomas was in the second – but he passed a
couple of people in the water.
starting the swim.jpg

When the Maori do this, it means “I’m going to devour you!”
done with the swim.jpg

Heading out for the ride.
starting the bike.jpg

Back from the ride, and looking totally undaunted.
done with the bike.jpg

If you can’t tell, this is the face of ultimate suffering. That’s a grimace, not a smile. Seriously, he was in pain at the end. Later in the evening, he couldn’t sit still for very long because any position he settled into, he’d start cramping up.
That white on the bottom of his shirt and his shorts – that’s salt from all the sweating he’d been doing. Did I mention that on the run there was no shade?
at the end.jpg

Luckily the finish line was only a few meters from lake that they’d started
in, so here Thomas shared some reminiscences about the eight hours of torture
that had just transpired with a fellow victim. Er, competitor.
post-race cool down.jpg

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  1. David Says:



  2. Thomas Says:

    Thanks David. And the first poster is exactly right. You are a true friend and great supporter for all the punishment I have been putting myself through. I still would have appreciated that slap as soon as I laid eyes on the event….


  3. LaValle Says:

    Congratulations to Thomas and to you for being such a good friend. All of us would do well to have such a loyal supporter. Bless you, LaValle

  4. David Says:


    Just wait ’till I post the pics of what I was up to this weekend. I got a great picture of a lady named Lydia working at her spinning wheel. I may have to take that up soon….

    Maybe once I’m done with the pre-calc class. (That’s just for fun, btw. And it’s cheaper than any of the classes at the local art & craft center.)

  5. Kaetchen Says:

    Here I sit, eating my bagel with egg and cheese, and you’re offering up pics of someone who can complete a half Ironman?

    Wow, who knew guilt could be electronically laid on?

    Seriously, that’s terrific. Congrats to him.

  6. Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della Says:

    Nice photos! It was so brutally humid and hot this weekend that I’m astonished that anyone could even think about a triathalon, much less actually do one.

    What’s up with the pre-calculus? and happy week ahead! Want to learn to spindle? C. Rhodes is teaching at HCW on the 25th…(hint hint).