Pioneer Day in Castroville

I’ve gotten four pieces of the monk’s travel satchel done. You can see here
the contrast you get from using the Cavern colorway and trimming it with the
Candy Apple Red. I really like this constrast. I think it would make a very
striking top. If I can ever get any more of the Candy Apple, of course.

travel satchel bits.jpg

Over the weekend I went to a Pioneer Day festival that was a fundraiser for
the Landmark Inn in Castroville, TX. Very interesting place – it’s a
historical landmark owned by the state of Texas, but it is also an operating
bed & breakfast. I’d love to stay there sometime. To raise money, they had
lots of local craftspeople come by in period garb and demonstrate their craft.
I was made aware of the event by Lydia, seen here at her spinning wheel.

spinner at work.jpg

There was also a lady making soap, and a woman who ran a local greenhouse who
was very knowledgable about the flora that was present in this part of Texas
in the 1800s.

fresh soap.jpg

herb lady.jpg

I got a sample of the soap and some literature on the herbs. Apparently
there’s an indigenous herb that contains something like NutraSweet ™ in
its leaves and seeds. The herb lady tells me it makes a great tea – I’m going
to try and grow some and check it out.

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  1. Stacey Budge Says:

    Well … he looked a lot sexier when he made it. Is the herb stevia?

  2. Matt Roth Says:

    I think Tyler Durden made much better soap than anyone at this fair.