Weird trends

On the way home from work last night I stopped by the local computer hardware place to pick up some blank CDs. I’m going to burn a classical mix for my dad as a New Year’s present. As I’m walking through the isles, idly scanning for the next digital doohickey that I can’t live without, I spy this nifty USB bivalve.

It’s got the same pearly exterior as my iBook, so I figure it’ll look good on my desk. And it’s got a USB connector so I can definitely plug it in. It’s fairly cheap, so I figure, why not? I grab it off the shelf, check the instructions and system compatibility notes, and check out.

When I get home, the experience is less than ideal. First you’ve got to immerse the damn thing in salt water, which is not something I typically keep next to my computer. Then you’ve got to plug it in to your computer and make sure you’ve got a network connection. Figuring out whether to use a male or female cable was harder than you’d think, because the damn thing kept switching genders on me. Finally I got it all set up and it sat there, motionless, occasionally releasing a little bubble up to the surface.

I honestly don’t see what the big deal is with web clams.

No Responses to “Weird trends”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    Aw, look! Isn’t David cute when he loses his mind?

  2. Stacey Budge Says:

    Our tech guy has one of these:

  3. Denise Says:

    AARGH! (That is just so. . . .so. . . BAD! Of course, bad jokes are a personal fave o’ mine. . .)


  4. Emma Says:

    Huh ? !
    I’m with Matt on this one. :0)

  5. Matt Roth Says:

    ok…you may need some sugar…slowly back away from the computer and make sure your blood sugar is stable before you attempt any more humor…