It’s Spoon’s Fault

Not 24 hours after reading this entry on Spoon’s blog, I walked into the Yarn Barn during a lunchtime bike ride to see what new stuff they’ve got.

They’ve got some really, really gorgeous yarns in. But the memorable thing about the visit was when Sybil caught me as I was leaving and said, “That young man you were talking to two weeks ago was looking for you on Saturday. Maybe he’ll come back this weekend.”

I haven’t been to the Yarn Barn for Saturday morning knitting in a month.

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  1. Denise Says:

    Yes, that would be bilocation of a different type, although the principle is the same: basically, your astral body can still be “connected” to the living body in bilocation (hence, neither of you is dead :-) ), but when you die, that connection is cut. Think about it like a sort of “out-of-body” experience. You two are “haunting” people while you’re still alive. Certainly there must be some satisfaction in that? :-)

    And to answer Spoon’s question: some people work years on meditation skills in order to be able to control astral projection (among other things), but most of what I’ve read includes stories of people who were under a great deal of psychic stress and thus “left their bodies” for a bit. It is also commonly reported to happen at the time the “real” person is asleep, interestingly enough.

    Yes, it would be really sweet to be able to control that at will–I’d send mine off to teach my classes or I’d have it grade papers for me–but alas, I don’t even have time to meditate much (except when I’m snoozing). :-)

  2. David Says:

    I had this book about naval mysteries when I was a kid which included things like the Mary Celeste and the Edmund Fitzgerald. One of the stories was about a British Captain who was seen at a party by many of his friends at the same time that his ship – with him on it – was sinking.

    As far as I know, however, neither Kelley nor myself are currently dead, so this is probably bilocation of a different type.

  3. spoonix Says:

    Hrm. Is there a way to summon up the astral projection at will? Being able to ship astral-spoon off to meetings or make him write documentation would be pretty nifty.

    And I could demand a second paycheck for him, too.

    I like this theory. \o/

  4. Denise Says:

    History is scattered with stories of doppelgangers: supposedly, your astral body can separate from the physical and project itself during sleep, or perhaps during waking hours at will–even unconsciously (during waking hours) in instances of bilocation.