Last night, a pretty good-sized frog-strangler swepth through my part of Texas. The rain came down in buckets and lightning was crashing all around. I saw several bolts strike within five miles of where I live.

In the middle of all this, this little fellow decided to alight on the wall outside my apartment and wait out the storm.

attack moth.jpg

I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure this is the new MA-2004 assault moth.

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  1. staceyjoy Says:

    You know, your cable grapher is pretty cool. I’m want to play with it when I get time.

  2. Lisa, Mike,Jack, Della Says:

    Ewww! I thought it was wood chips too! Scary! They sure have some awesome bugs here…hey, Carol Rhodes. is teaching spindle-spinning on Saturday at HCW. Maybe you need to add creating handspun wool to your vast repertoire of talents…

  3. spoonix Says:

    Kaetchen: Firearms. And a weird sense of humor.

    Google around for a pic of a black-witch moth… I had one of those chilling out on my front porch (wish I’d gotten a picture of it). If yours is a MA-204, mine was a BA-309 assault bomber.

  4. Kaetchen Says:

    For a minute, I thought you’d artistically arranged a couple of wood chips to resemble a bug. Talk about natural defenses.

    ‘Frog-strangler’? No wonder I couldn’t figure out what you were saying on the phone. Between the poisonous snakes, the deluges and the Olive Garden, how did you survive a night?

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