Lies, Damn Lies, and Knitting Instructions

A quick summary of the construction of the Monk’s Travel Satchel:

You use 3 colors: Cavern (A), Twilight Green (B), and the long-sought-after Candy Apple (C).

Make the strap in A. About 4″ wide and 72″ long.
Make two side pockets in A. About 4″ wide and 7″ long each.
Make the front in B. About 18″ wide and 16″ long.
Make the back with a flap in B. About 18″ wide and 21″ long.

After this, you make an inside and an outside pocket in B, then you assemble the bag with a bunch of trimming done in C. However, I’m not going to be adding those last two pockets. You know why?

Because the instructions called for only 2 skeins of the B color and I’m not going to have enough of it to finish the damn back and flap piece!

If I’d had more than a third of a cup of coffee this morning, I might have enough energy to be livid. Naturally, my LYS doesn’t have anymore of the Twilight Green colorway in stock. I figure I’m pretty much screwed as far as getting more of the same dye lot.

More updates as details warrant. I’ve got to clean up my office and study for pre-calc this evening, then I’ve got class until eight tomorrow night. I will try to finish the back and flap piece as much as I can then. Expect updates Wednesday.

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  1. David Says:


    An inside pocket I could see in Cavern. But an outside pocket… maybe. I dunno.

    Welcome back from your honeymoon! I’m so thrilled for you!

  2. Cari Says:

    Why not just make the pockets from the black yarn instead? I have a ton of cavern if you need more, left over from my mom’s sweater. Dye lot is 043 (though personally I wouldn’t worry about it for the inside pocket). Lemme know.