I started calling it Frankenbag this afternoon because of all the safety pins stuck into it while I was doing the seaming.

front seamed in.jpg

The seaming was hard. I have never done any real crochet before. I keep my trusty crochet hook Stanley in my bag to pick up dropped stitches and fix minor errors. But I’ve never really crocheted anything. Well, there was that single-chain bracelet that I made for a little girl waiting at the pharmacy next to me two years ago, but that hardly counts.

My hand felt like I’d clamped it into a vise and then pulled all the fingers into different directions while I was doing this. I had no idea how to maintain the tension or to smoothly work from one stitch to the next. Oh, I guess I should mention at this point that the seaming is done by pinning the front and back to the strap and then working a single crochet along the edge. It’s a great seam, and seems pretty strong, but like I said, it was very, very hard for me to work it.

But my hands learned how to do it pretty quickly. The first half of the front took me about an hour to do. But the last quarter only took ten, maybe fifteen minutes. The back went by very quickly. I’ve now done everything I’m going to do with this bag except add the i-chord fasteners and weave in all the loose ends.

I think I might make this bag again. But if I do, I’m going to do the strap with a triple cable or pair of double cables running the length of it with a seed-stitch border. I think that would give it a slightly more elegant look, and make the strap slightly less elastic.

No Responses to “Frankenbag!”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    You could also line the strap with something reinforcing, like a non-stretchy fabric. That might also make it more comfortable on your shoulder.

    Yay you!

  2. Stacey Budge Says:

    Looks great David!

  3. David Says:

    Ooh, good idea. I’ll see if it needs it after I’ve carried some weight in the bag for a while.

  4. michelle Says:

    If you are worried about the strap stretching (and now that you are an expert with the crochet hook), you could stablize the edge with a single crochet border.