It’s always something

I’m a pretty scatter-brained person. I find that habits help me keep things organized. Habits like always putting my ID card in a certain pocket of my shoulder bag, always putting my cell phone in the strap pocket, and always taking the shoulder bag to work. Today, however, I rode my bike in to work. This meant that instead of my shoulder bag, I wore my backpack. And that’s where the problems start.

I don’t ride in to work much these days, so I don’t have a good habit for how to organize my stuff. Plus, I’m disrupting the habit that I usually have to guide me, so I’m nervous about forgetting something. On the way out the door, I went over everything in my head:
Towel? check.
Change of clothes? check.
Textbook & homework? check.
Keys? check.
ID card? check.
PDA? check.
Phone? check.
Insulin? check.
Wallet? check.

So I rode in to work feeling reasonably confident, yet oddly distracted by the gnawing certainty that I’d forgotten something in the checklist.

Then, as I was changing in the bathroom, it hit me!



No Responses to “It’s always something”

  1. Stacey Budge Says:

    Nothing wrong with going commando sweetie. Be a freespirit for a day. Funny did it not feel odd riding your bike?

  2. DocWhat Says:

    Maybe you could knit yourself some real quick. I’m sure Joe could scrounge up some old telephone wire. 😀


  3. Kaetchen Says:

    That was a LOT of information.

  4. Cari Says:

    You just wanted the world to know you’re going commando today. Admit it.

    (You’re starting to plan for Rhinebeck next year, yes?)