First Felting

So, the Xmas projects are underway…

Here’s my first attempt at felting, which I think is turning out pretty well. I used Lily Chin design and the ever-popular Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

In retrospect, this shot kind of makes me look like a terrorist, don’t you think?
pre-felted hat.jpg

Ten minutes of agitation later, the felting was well underway.

About eight minutes after that, I think it was done.
felted hat.jpg

It’s drying out now. I think I may give it one more shot because the brim is still very wide and floppy. So it either needs a lot of starch, or it needs to be smaller.

Now, on to the other holiday projects.

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  1. natasha Says:

    hey david
    i have more of a question than a comment. and its not even about this particular project. you have a bunny hat project done in circular farther down the page. i tried something similar with the jamaican flag, but i couldn’t work out the circular intarsia. i either pulled the yarn too tight or too loose when switching colors. i can do flat intarsia b/c it isn’t so hard to see how tight you should pull the colors. yours was perfect . do you have any pointers or books that you can recommend that address this issue? pls email me if u have time thanks

  2. rie Says:

    A terrorist by way of Dr. Seuss…

  3. Susanna in Seattle Says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the Dec 10 shirt but I have to say I wastly prefer it to one you wore on Dec 12!

    Am very much looking forward to more news about the Visiknit!