Really subtle.

Someone is Interested.jpg

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  1. Kaetchen Says:

    The look on Morgan’s face clearly says, “Mom, are you holding food?”

    Need to scratch that doggie nose!

  2. David Says:

    Ah, but those are not my nails. 😉

    Nice Gimpness. I tend to forget that not everyone’s got a monitor as bright as mine, so I didn’t realize how dark that picture would appear.

  3. DocWhat Says:

    You lie. You *do* paint your nails. I have photographic proof:

    An another note…Here is a gimp’ed version of your photo, so you can actually see the dog. I did it quick which is why there are weird artifacts around things….

  4. David Says:

    That’s my Morgan.
    Let me point out that those are not my hands in the picture. I may wear bright shirts, but I don’t paint my nails.

  5. denise Says:

    What a cute doggie!!