Bye, Spoon

Vaya con dios, Spoon.

Unfortunately, Spoon’s unexpected departure from Rackspace has caught me a little flat-footed; I haven’t had time to do the Puknitter hat that I’ve got planned for him. (Puh-nit-er, not puke-nit-er.) It’s going to be tricky because in order to finish it, I’ll need to do some Intarsia in the round, which I’ve never done. Luckily I’ve got a back issue of Interweave Knits that explains the technique. As always, shots when and if I get it done.

No Responses to “Bye, Spoon”

  1. spoonix Says:

    I’m not dead, foolio.

    I’m just not going into the same building as you in exchange for a paycheck on a regular basis anymore.