Fraud Alert

I just wanted to warn anyone who’s reading about a couple of very nasty e-mails I got today.

One claims to be from a bank which I am not connected with. The other one claims to be from a survey site working for Apple computers.

The wording of each one is different, but the gist of each is the same: they both contain links to a site where they would like me to fill out a form.

Here’s the scam: the links don’t point to named sites. They point to IP addresses. If you ever get any kind of e-mail with these links in it, ignore it. They point to fake sites that try to collect your personal or financial data.

Most of the people who stop by here probably already know all this, but I figured I’d spread the word just to be on the safe side.

No Responses to “Fraud Alert”

  1. Help Says:

    Help for the children of tsunami-devastated countries

  2. DocWhat Says:

    I get lots of these. All the time. Of course, I get about 1000 spams a day, so …

    It’s weird, because I read the email as text, I usually never see the underlying URL for the HREFs. For example, I get a lot of ebay scam crap. I checked the URL and it’s legit. However, it occurred to me that since I don’t use a web browser to read email, the HREF might be different. And, yes, it is.

    Anyway. I think that HTML email should always be stripped this way. It makes you immune to a bunch of known and unknown problems.