You have got to be kidding me

My day so far:
woke up three hours earlier than normal
put on nice outfit for lunch date
drove 100 miles
got to work, became nauseated (food poisoning?)
puked so hard I ruptured blood vessels all over my face
cleaned up
seriously thought about borrowing makeup
went to lunch date
got stood up by lunch date
got back to work


Last night I finished another full repeat of the trellis cable on the new Aran. At this rate, I’m going to be done with this baby before March.

No Responses to “You have got to be kidding me”

  1. Suzy Says:

    The one who stood you up is the one who lost out. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. If she couldn’t even call, she wasn’t worth your time. Hope you’re feeling better now.
    Big Hug

  2. David Says:

    Thanks, ladies. I figure the week has pretty much got to get better from here. :-)

    Emma, thanks again for that wonderful New Year’s card you sent.

  3. Cari Says:

    Oh man… I hope tomorrow’s a much better day for you.

  4. Emma Says:

    At least you made the effort and wore something nice !

    Hope the day and week get better. :0)