It’s all good

I was going to wait until I had a picture of the Café Bastille to post before I wrote anything, but that’s not going to happen for a while. Besides, Nealie asked for an update, and how can you say no to someone whose e-mail address is “WhatsHerToes”? :-)

I am not dead. I had a lovely EKG and blood work on Tuesday, and everything was normal. Let’s hear it for my liver and kidneys! On the way back from the doctor, however, I ran over a nail and had to have my tire fixed. This week has been just rotten for almost everyone I know.

Kaetchen, I am really sorry about the flat karma. Totally unintentional, I assure you.

I got a phone message from my erstwhile date on Wednesday. Just in case you’re reading this, sweetie, that was the lamest apology I’ve ever heard in my life. Thank god I’m not bitter.

But there is good to be found, too. I’m three trellis repeats into the Café Bastille now. The dogs have accepted me into their tribe – last night we all watched a movie while I sat on the sofa and ate my dinner. Jasmine (the Weimeraner) laid her head against my leg and snored moistly into my knee.

I also got things set up at my mom’s so that I can do some test work on Visiknit. Thank heavens for Knoppix, which gives me a Linux system to play with without having to reformat my mom’s PC.

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  1. Emma Says:

    That’s mostly good.
    Have a great weekend.Try and flirt with some attractive women ! ;-]

  2. Spider Says:

    Just found your site and cool! I am impressed by your 1337 aran knitting; I’ve only been doing cables for a little over a year, and am still on the same project (plus one more!).