Minor Blog Change

I had to make a minor change to the blog yesterday because of relentless comment spam. Something was attacking my webserver and driving the load on it up to about 15. (A normal load is less than 1.) So you will observe now that if you want to submit a comment, you have to hit PREVIEW first. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The hits just keep on coming. When I went by my apartment last weekend to check on things, I found that my beloved Monster (my iMac) is in the process of dying. It won’t run for more than about five minutes without the screen turning to gibberish.

When I got back to my mom’s place last night, I discovered that one of the water lines on their property has ruptured. Fred, one of the neighbors, and I spent two hours trying to find the cutoff valve. I’m about to call the plumber to see if he can come out and fix the line.

Once again, the knitting is my solace in tough times. The Café Bastille is just zooming along. ZOOMING. When I leave it in the bag, it makes little race car idling noises.

No Responses to “Minor Blog Change”

  1. David Says:

    Spoon writes teh comment spam!

  2. spoonix Says:

    Click here for cheap v1agxra!!!

    Nice blog. Click here for online texas h0ldem.

    (Nice try on the regex, btw :).

    And remember: that which refuses to work quietly and obediently should always, always be given a good, swift kick.

    Works on macs, water pipes, and pre-schoolers.

    Just kidding. :) Don’t ever kick a mac.

  3. Suzy Says:

    So…how can I get my shawl to “zoom?” I showed it at the YB on Sat. and someone said it looked like a G-string. It was bigger than a thong, even for a very large woman! Maybe I can put it in your bag and the two things can do whatever works in progress do and……ZOOM! :)

  4. Cari Says:

    Oh no! What’s wrong with your iMac? Mine is now very nervous.

    Mac Minis are for soccer moms. You know you want the new schmancy iMac.

  5. Spider Says:

    I use knitting to unwind from my dayjob: teaching.
    Usually accompanied by an episode of CSI or something off SciFi.

    You know, even if you don’t have the Apple Care plan, you can get them to fix your computer (for a fee, but still!). Or maybe fix it long enough to transfer your information to a lovely new MacMini?

    Just sign me a Mac Addict. :)