Pic from my commute

Behold the power of Linux!

My beloved iMac is mostly dead right now. I’m waiting for a new mid-plane assembly from Apple with which to ressurect the poor beastie. In the meantime, the Knoppix and USB key setup I prepared during my house sitting stint is coming in quite handy. I was able to upload all the pictures from my digital camera and crop them using The Gimp. I’m very, very happy about this. It’s not as groovy as the iMac is, but it’s quite functional.

So, enough of the computer stuff. Here’s a photo I took last Friday as I drove in to town through several banks of fog:


I didn’t get to do any knitting this weekend due to moving back home/tech issues/Kelly’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Kelly!!!), but hopefully I’ll have some more pics tomorrow.

No Responses to “Pic from my commute”

  1. staceyjoy Says:

    See ya there…IN MY DREAMS!

  2. David Says:

    It actually would have been great for my love life if I’d had enough time to get a date during those two weeks. Folks were gone, the house has a half-mile of river front property, a hot tub, and a couple of fully-stocked bars. Oh, and a bad-ass sound system and first-rate kitchen.

    What are you doing next weekend? 😉

  3. staceyjoy Says:

    Why did you move back home? Don’t you know that’s hell on a guys love life?