She liked it!

Yay! Annalie liked her scarf. I feel better now.

glam annalie.JPG

Making progress on the Bastille too. I’ll post some more picks this weekend. It’s coming along really fast. I haven’t put as much time as I’d like to into it. I really, really need to organize my time better. It’s just that when I feel like doing anything at all, I’ve got a dozen ideas of what to do.

Well, that’s what lists are for.

No Responses to “She liked it!”

  1. james Says:

    Very nice! She look great in it. : )

  2. MMario Says:

    Smiles like that make garter stitch worth it!

  3. Suzy Says:

    The scarf looks SUPER! WOW, what a great color for this time of year-SA has been really dreary the last few weeks and it’s a nice burst of color to boost one’s mood.