These bones won’t knit

Yesterday I got a hold of the folks who make the lovely bone needles I got last weekend. It turns out they are made from water buffalo, which is currently on at least one endangered species watch list. Crud. I was really hoping they were made from something mundane like cow or deer. Or at least someone I don’t know.

So, the needles are going back from whence they came. Too bad the Yarn Barn doesn’t have any ebony needles in stock. But I can probably exchange them for a nice set of rosewoods and some discount yarn.

Last weekend I got a fair amount done on the Café Bastille. It’s not coming along as fast as I’d hoped, but it is moving pretty quickly.

front almost done.JPG

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  1. MMario Says:

    Or possibly they are made from domestic water buffalo – which aren’t endangered at all.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Okay, I’m back, having re-read the original posts, and I’m stunned those needles came from a company in Berkeley CA, home of all brands of activism. Wow … do I seem to be taking this personally? I live about an hour North of Berkeley, in Sonoma County (wine country). Backing off now … hope you get a lovely new set of needles without the baggage.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Yer a good egg, David. I wonder, how old were the needles? Were they vintage? I should reread the post where you first introduced them … but, is it possible they are from a time when the animal was not endangered? Does that matter? Probably it doesn’t, it’s just got me thinking.