Ahhh… That’s better.

I feel better than I have in a while right now. I met one of the vps from work down at his local bike shop this morning at 10:00am. We rode our bikes over to Olmos Park, down McCullough to North St. Mary’s, and then down to south of town where we picked up the Mission Trail and rode along it for a while. All told we rode just shy of 30 miles.

At one point along the way we passed a semi-rural house where a man was mowing his front yard. Because of the noise of the lawnmower, we didn’t hear the barking of his unchained hellhound until it was already on the road, chasing us down. This was a dog bred for a single purpose: to drive its enemies before it and hear the lamentations of their women. I’m going to mark that one down on my ride map.

It was a really gorgeous day. And next weekend, my dear sister will be in town and we’re going to go out and do a 50 mile ride as part of the Easter Hill Country Bike Tour. Nothing celebrates the ressurection of the messiah like two Jews on bikes.

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