A Dog’s Life

I can’t believe I don’t have a “dogs” category yet.

The previous entry tells all about my adventures on Sunday. On Saturday, my mom and my sister took off early in the morning for Albuquerque, leaving me and Dan alone with two ferocious dogs. (Actually three ferocious dogs, but Sadie isn’t an inside dog, so she doesn’t really count.) Thankfully, the wrath of Jasmine was held in check most of the day. But as you can tell from this picture and this sound clip, she was coiled tight as a spring, ready to unleash smoking, bloody destruction upon some unfortunate soul at the slightest provocation.

Warning: sound clip is 1 megabyte. It may take a while on a dial-up connection.

sleepy jazzmine.JPG

No Responses to “A Dog’s Life”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Now I remember how bad the ex snored! Jasmine can’t hold a candle to his snoring though. We could hear him through walls! Jasmine is sweet!

  2. Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della Says:

    Hee! That’s hilarious! And what a beautiful Jasmine, too. You should hear it around here a few minutes after bedtime…like Jasmine, only in triplicate :-) Terrifying snoring dachshunds!

  3. David Says:


    That is the sound of ultimate suffering. Or a deviated septum. Whichever.

  4. denise Says:

    Oh, so cute! I want to hug her!

    (Jack snores too. Of course, he likes to get in my bed and fall asleep with his head on my pillow when I’m not there, but that’s because he doesn’t know he’s a dog.)

  5. michelle Says:

    Is that growling or snoring?