Hey look! Knitting!

Be it ever so minute, it’s progress.

completed bastille body.JPG

Our sweater so far: This is the completed torso of the Café Bastille Cables sweater with an added couple of inches of ribbing. I don’t think ribbing looks too out of place. And Thomas just tried it on and it fits very well. Woo-hoo, let’s hear it for gauge swatching!

Next up: a pair of sleeves. Or maybe just one so he can do the whole escaped-lunatic-longshoreman look. Now that would be fun – modify the sleeves so it could be worn as a straight jacket. That’d be one bold fashion statement.

Incidentally, I’m deep in the throes of a sinus infection right now, complete with associated medications, so I continue to disavow responsibility for anything I do, say, or write. So ha.

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