They did it! Edwin and Annalie got married! The ceremony was simple and beautiful. They both looked great. As a groomsman, I had a perfect vantage point to see Annalie’s face throughout the ceremony. She was positively beaming. I’ve never seen her so happy.

Plus, I really hit it off with the best man. He’s from El Paso, but I’m going to get his info from Edwin so we can stay in touch.

I also saw two of the three knitters from Friday and they were both excited about the progress they’ve made. It was also really funny that they both recognize the true quality of the yarn I gave them – it’s crap. (I believe I’ve mentioned it here before – it’s the green acrylic from hell.) When Shannon’s daughter asked her what she was knitting, she decided it was a dog blanket.

There were favors for the guests on the way out of Kripsy Kreme doughnuts. I asked Edwin’s sister why on earth they chose doughnuts of all things, and she said that originally, the doughnuts were going to be accompanied by faux newspapers describing the wedding, but the papers didn’t come through. Too bad, I thought that would have been a cute touch. The bride and groom left the reception in a Kripsy Kreme truck. I kid you not.

Happy honeymoon guys. May the best of the past be the worst of the future.

So that was the wedding.

Now I’m looking into a bug that Rowena reported in the comments of the last entry. (Oh, before I forget – check out the Aran that she made for her husband. It’s beautiful.)

It sounds like the problem that she is describing is caused either by the stylesheets for my site or badly formed HTML. Or rather, it’s the interaction of one of those two (or both of those) with the browser that she’s using.

Okay, so what browser is she using? Looks like it’s IE 6.0 on Windows XP. I’m in luck; I’ve got an XP box lying around here someplace. I just need to dig out a monitor from my storage room and fire it up.

The fact that she only has the problem periodically makes me wonder if it’s caused by stuff I put in the posts themselves. I used to have a tag on this page that said “XHTML compliant”, but I took it off because I realized that I frequently break the standards by including things like lists or special characters in my posts. Because of the templates I’m using (and the fact that I don’t understand how to properly use <div> and <span> yet), when I use those types of structures I am using them in invalid positions within the HTML document.

Update: I got moderately obsessed with this today, and before I started lugging monitors around to do some testing with IE, I figured I’d just look at the code. I found some of the problems that I had in my markup and fixed them. This site is again XHTML 1.0 valid, and you can prove it by using the W3C Validator. Click the button in the sidebar that says W3C XHTML 1.0.

So I can safely say that any browser worth its salt should be able to render the site.

Now I think I’m going to do something about the color scheme . . .

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