Yesterday I went to see a special screening of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. My company had reserved the theatre so that we could all go see the show without having to wait for hours in line. And I was very happy with it. I had a much stronger emotional response to it than I did the last two movies in the series, and with them, the emotions were pretty much limited to hating Jar-Jar Binks.

After the movie, I had lunch with two co-workers and a fellow named George. If all works out, we’re all going to go do RAGBRAI in July. We were talking about the movie and riding and such things, and then George proposed that we all drive up to Austin and rent kayaks. Not having anything better to do, and not having been on a spontaneous caper in a while, I pedaled home as fast as I could and got changed.

We got up to Austin and discovered that the location we’d driven to didn’t have any kayaks. They did, however, have speedboat rentals. So we rented a speedboat and I got to drive around the lake. I don’t think I’ve ever piloted a boat like that before. It was a lot of fun; makes me want to go waterskiing again.

Today I am staying home with allergies. I freaking hate Texas air.

Oh, and yesterday I finished the first sleeve for the Café Bastille Cables and cast on for a Faroese shawl in Katia Marina. Pictures soon.

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  1. Jasmine Says:

    When I was a wee thing and loved to write letters one of my best pen pals was my great Uncle who lived in Iowa. He would ride RAGBRAI every year and send great letters of the caper — He must have been in his 70’s at the time.