What a day – and it’s not over yet

There will be absolutely nothing in this post about knitting. Just so you know.

I woke up this morning to the radio. It was “call in and bitch about whatever you want” day, and someone named Samantha was calling in to gripe about the fact that the media never report any of the good things that are happening in Iraq, just the bad. Her boyfriend is a Marine over there, and she said that people should realize that we went over there to get rid of Saddam Hussein and “give the people a government that would work for them and their culture”.

I called in with a rebuttal. Basically I just read this Defense Department press release which I’ve linked to before, which outlines our reasons for going to war. No, it wasn’t to bring democracy to the Iraqis. It was to disarm Saddam, because he had enormous stockpiles of chemical, biological and probably nuclear weapons.

Ahem. Except, of course, that he didn’t, which makes our government either incompetent, or liars, or both.

Anyway, having successfully tilted with that windmill, I got in to work and tried to figure out which end of a huge steaming pile of, um, work, to attack first. I could give you the details, but unless acronyms like IDNA, DNS, ACE, RIPE and ARIN really get you hot, you’d probably wake up to find yourself drooling on your keyboard. (Luckily, those acronyms do get me hot, so I had some fun.)

And then in the middle of the day, I got reverse stigmata on my right hand. I had gotten up to talk to someone on the other side of the building, then came back and sat down to start typing. I looked down at my hand and saw that the back of it was covered with blood. No idea how I cut it or how long I’d been leaking. Very weird. Not sure if that means anything or not.

After work, I took a cue from Staceyjoy and threw away a ton of crap that I’ve been needlessly clinging to for years and years. I sold a whole lot of books at Half Price books and got a pittance for them, but it was more than I would have gotten if I gave them to Goodwill. Stopped by Kelly’s house, where some of my stuff has been sitting ever since we broke up, and retrieved it. Most if it went straight to the dumpster, but I did find a couple of books that I’d like to hold on to.

Now I have come home and munched a fast-food dinner. In a minute I’m going to bust open my laptop and get back to work. One of the problems I’ve been having at work is that some very old code which has lain fallow for many years is now being used again, and it’s crap. I’m going to write a program which will scan that code and create automatic tests to see if it’s working or not. Having those tests around will make working with the code much safer, and less likely to result in my dismissal and/or suicide.

And then I shall sleep.

No Responses to “What a day – and it’s not over yet”

  1. pippy Says:

    Its true, check it out

  2. cari Says:

    I thought this post WAS you talking nerdy. Does it get nerdier than this? Oh my.

  3. David Says:

    I was going to say that ARAN doesn’t count because it’s not an acronym – then I remembered the A.R.A.N. project. So I guess it does count.

    Right then. Want me to talk nerdy to you?

  4. Cari Says:

    ARAN gets me hot. Does that count?