Funny, I don’t feel anxious

So I had this dream . . .

I’m sitting at one end of a playing field working on the Henna shawl. To my right is a warehouse-style building, and to the left is a road the winds back into the hills in the distance. A game is going on on the field, but I can’t tell if it’s American football, soccer, or rugby. Definitely not cricket.

The wind has been steadily building for some time. The players on the field keep gesturing against the wind as if to indicate that they have to compensate for it when the move the ball around. It’s building up to a gale when I look up and see a sheet of rain rushing across the field towards me.

My friend Edwin is playing in the game, and he’s left homework out on the field next to me in the end zone. I scramble to pick them up before the rain hits and I run into the building. Edwin comes in a second later, soaking wet, and says “What about your knitting?”

I realize that I’ve left the in-progress shawl outside. I run back outside and go looking for my work. I find myself wading knee-deep in water in an underground catacomb. A door opens and a nun waves me through into a room that’s only got about a foot of headroom above the water. I dive under the water and go looking for my work . . .

I at least know where the wall of rain imagery came from. It was few years ago when I was riding home (just past the Yarn Barn, as it happens) when I looked up and saw a wall of dust blowing towards me. When I rode through it, the temperature dropped ten degrees. It was a very memorable experience.

But I haven’t had any experiences with rain or lost work lately.

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