That doesn’t look right . . .

Sometimes the only redeeming feature of a mistake is that you know exactly how it happened. I present exhibit A in my current effort to convince myself that I can live with ripping out 13 rows of the Henna shawl:


So, what happened here? Why does that yarn over border of the center panel start meandering about thirteen rows back? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

“Ooh, ooh, I know!! I know!”

Yes, David?

“*ahem* When you’re doing the yarn over increase every other row, it needs to be done on the side of the stitch marker closest to the outside edge of the work. You started doing it randomly on both sides where the meandering begins.”

Very good, David. Now please shut up before these people think I’m crazy and that I routinely have conversations with myself.

Oh shit. Did I just write that on the Internet?

That messiness at the top is the result of me trying to fix the problem by dropping a section of the work, but I didn’t have much luck with that. Ah, well. Perhaps when I get back from my bike ride, I’ll shoot a short video of The Great Ripping of ’05.

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  1. suzy Says:

    My dear granny always said it was nice to talk to someone intelligent once in a while! :) Of course, it is NOT a good sign when that intelligent self talks back!