*crick* OW!

My neck’s been getting progressively stiffer over the past couple of months, and this morning it was bad enough that I didn’t go in to work and got an appointment with my doc for this afternoon. I predict muscle relaxants are in my future, and possibly a chiropractor.

Someday I’d like to talk to the idiot who designed the spine and slap them upside the head. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? My toddler nephews have designed better structures.

As soon as they are available, I’m getting a complete back/neck prosthesis. Screw this bone and ligament deal, I’m going with titanium and silicon elastomer.

10 Responses to “*crick* OW!”

  1. Kaetchen Says:

    I’m a big fan of the titanium, seeing as it helps me walk and all.

    And another vote NO on the chiro. Freaks.

  2. Lilith Says:

    *gets out the clove-scented massage oil and removes clothing*


  3. marnie Says:


  4. David Says:

    Okay, okay! I get the message! I won’t go to a chiropractor.

    Instead, I shall entrust the well-being of my spinal column to my local doctor of osteopathy, who I will have you know graduated at the top of his class at the International Institute of Osteopathy in Grenada.

  5. marnie Says:

    Dave – don’t EVER say you’re going to a chiropractor. Not only are they quacks, Mom’ll have nheart palpitations if she finds out. I speak from unfortunate experience.

  6. David Says:


    No, I’m a proponent of “dipshit design”. Things could not possibly be this screwed up by accident. :-)

    And don’t worry, Cari; my doc prescribed a course of PT for me. I’ll get started on that this week.

  7. cari Says:

    Eek! No! Don’t go to a chiro! Get your dr to give you a prescription for physical therapy and go see a PT.

  8. pippy Says:

    Yeah I want one of those new fangled spineys too! Marcel wants a detachable prosthetic tail with Wagging Action™. I also want robotic knitting hands.
    However anything that reduces worker productivity can’t be all bad in my opinion.

  9. michelle Says:

    So then, you are not a proponent of intelligent design per se. “This system is so screwed up, it only could have been an attempt at purposeful design.” That’s standing the argument on its head.

  10. denise Says:

    I want new wrists–this carpal tunnel thing has got to go. . .perhaps someday I’ll be able to have an adamantium skeletal structure, just like Wolverine. . .:-)